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Sunday, October 17th, 2004

So i've been a bit lazy with the work due in part with the beautiful weather, sick kids, no extra cash, and just an all around busy life. What I have been sick of is going to the garage in the AM and seeing my drip pan keep filling up with oil. I plan on droping the engine this winter, but I'd like to try and stop the drip.

I read a post on 912bbs that really sounded like a cool option. Silicone. So, I cleaned her up, dryed her off, and started to get her leak free.

This is what my engine looked like. Nasty, oily, drity.


I cleaned out all the oil and gunk from the push rod tubes. Since I can't remove the tubes without droping the engine, I'm going to use Blue Silicone to try and stop the leaks.


My beautiful engine after the hour or so of cleaning. Tooth brush, WD40, papaer towles, rags, and a lot of scrubing. It's look great. Not perfect, but a hell of a lot nicer than before.

In my ownership, the engine has never been this clean. Now, lets hope we can keep her this way with the fix.

On the back it says "California residents have noticed possible birth defects due to the use of this product." Ok, what the hell are you CA people doing with this stuff? You're not suppose to eat it!

Good stuff, so I've been told. 1 hour to set, and 24 hours to really cure it.


Gotta love the blue. I cleaned up the excess, and hopefully got it all the way around. I'm going to drive her around a bit after about 5 hours, then park and slide the now clean drip pan under her and see what happens. Hopefully there will be no oil in the AM. We'll see tomorrow.


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