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Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
Money Shot

Again, after many hours of WD-40, hammers, chanel locks, and all around force, I opted to drill out the screw. As I drilled, which worked very well, it skipped off center, and has caused me to stop messing with the damn thing since it won't effect the seats, I was just being picky. If I get a burst of desire to mess with it again, I'll continue to drill it all the way out, re-tap, and go from there.


Flat black Rustolium, after about 15-20 minutes of wire brushing. I set it in place, and it looks great. I am fully aware that the seat will cover it up, and only the detailed eye will even notice, but just getting all the 30 years of muck off it was well worth the time.


I had so much fun working on the drivers side, I figured I'd do the pasenger while I was at it.

I'm at a bit of a stand still for the moment. Tweeks is out of stock on the bolts, I need to get 40 locking washers from Home Depot, I got a new tube of grease, but since I have the room now to work, and I have yet to buy all the parts I need for the pedle/break/shifter...I'm at a cash dry spot. Mid week I should be back up to speed, but for now, all I can do is wait. Wait for funds, and wait to order parts, then wait for them to get here, then wait till I can get a free afternoon to start back up.

I was going to have the engine tuned this week, bit I started on the interior, which will have to be complete before I get the car to the mechanic, so HOPEFULLY I'll be ready by NEXT Monday to drop her off for a checkup.


You know, to hell with it, I like the extra room, I'll just keep it like this from now on.

Saturday, February 21st, 2004
Money Shot

Stupid, mother-fu*king-god-da*n-son-of-a-wh*re-bast*rd...

A broken bolt head (red circle), which as you can see, wasn't easy to remove, is still rusted into my seat track, unable to be even NUDGED with the chanel lockes, WD-40, or small drill bit that snaped off trying to drill the bolt out. Needless to say, i have all 19 other bolts out, soaked in Coca Cola to remove "muck", and ready to put the seat back, excapt for the last mother-fu*king-god-da*n-son-of-a-wh*re-bast*rd bolt with the broken head.

With any luck, i'll have the broken bolt out tomorrow and the seat back in, correctly. Then, off to the mechanic.

Thursday, February 19th, 2004
Money Shot

So, earlier in the week I got my package from Performance Products. I figured I'd replace the license plate lights. When I attempted to remove the bulbs, one broke into pieces in my hand. It was too late to go out and get new bulbs, so I had to wait till tonight. As you can see from the image below, I got it all taken care of.


This image may look familiar. A couple weeks ago I removed the seat, and put it back on. Little did I know that I had done it wrong, and my track was all jacked-up. So, as you can see from the track lying there, I've removed it and cleaned all the "gunk" off of it.

I have a couple stuck bolts, and some bad heads, so I'm ordering a new set of Seat Track Bolts from Tweeks hopefully this week. And I still need to get the other track off to clean it (broken one allen already trying to get them to come free).


This is what's under my seat. What's scarry is that I had a couch in this SAME pattern while I was in college.

Saturday, February 14th, 2004
Money Shot

I figured taking my love out on Valentines Day was appropriate. THOUGH, I believe I am dealing with a nasty case of Vapor-Lock, since after a short drive, once the engine is turned off, I'm not getting enough gas pull to get it started again (I have to wait about 15 minutes to even try).

The mechanic I've been recommended gets back into town this week (Wednesday), so I'll be calling him and figuring out a time for when I can drop her off for a check-up.

Funny story:

So, I'm on an outer road by my house, which is parallel to the main highway, and I'm laying on the ground taking detailed shots, and I get up to start the car and it's giving me problems. This outer road gets very little traffic, so when I see a Cop in my rear-view, I figure it's dumb luck. He asks what the problem is, I explain, he tells me we need to get it off the road (since I parked it blocking both lanes), so we do. He then asks -

COP - You lying in the middle of the street?

ME - No, why?

COP - Someone called in a suspicious individual lying in the street. They thought they might be hurt...

ME - Nope, I'm just stuck out here...

Anyway, I got it started again, and got her back in the garage. No more trips out till AFTER I get that check-up.


I got my PCA "Welcome" letter today. Very cool.

Sunday, February 8th, 2004

I wanted to get "something" done on the car today, but when your list is so long, where do you begin? I just opened the trunk and climbed on in.

I noticed that the windshield wipers wouldn't spray fluid, so I was looking for that issue. Turns out, a connecting hose was off, and was so stiff that I couldn't flex it back on. While in there, I noticed the lights didn't work. I unscrewed them to find 2 burnt bulbs. I also noticed a nasty connecting job someone had done, so I went out and got a couple things from Radio Shack. When I got back, I added in the new bulbs, and made a better connection with the wires, but still no light. I moved on, knowing that when I get to the bulk to the electrical I'll address this issue as well.

When I got the car, the driver's seat wasn't attached on the right side of the track (image above). I wanted to get some grease to help with the motion. On my side, after loosening all the allen-screws on the track, I finally got the seat to take on both sides. I noticed though that I'm binding towards the front, and the seat is a bit stuck, but at least it's in place. I'll probably need to take it off again, check all the tracks, and spend many more hours on my back and side trying to get it to take.


After I took off the trunk lights, I went to the back lights (which were not working). I removed them, cleaned the connection, and put the bulbs back in. They both work. Of course, when I removed the second plastic cover it cracked into 3-4 pieces (roll-over image to view cracked). I went online and bought 2 new sets, should be here this week. I also bought the short-shifter kit and new bushings from Performance Products.


My interior passenger light was out, so I popped off the cover and found this. Turns out, according to Jeff and O'Riley Auto Parts, these bulbs put out a LOT of heat, and if someone got some grease or oil on it, and the light was left on for a good deal of time, it could start to distort the glass and burn it all to hell.

I got 2 new bulbs, installed them, popped back in my lights, and a very small project is accomplished.

Saturday, February 7th, 2004

I realize its 13 degrees outside, and my street is a sheet of ice, but the main roads are good, and I know there is a bunch of salt and still some patches of snow/ice, and I know I should wait...the hell with it.

What a wild ride. Talk about an amazing time. Cold as sh*t, but still outstanding.

The only other Porsche I had ever driven for any length of time was the Boxter the first year it came out. I really need to get that short-shifter kit from Performance Products. I also need to have the carbs looked at (just adjusted), and mess with the accelerator pedal (too loose), but other than that, once spring gets here, I am going to be in heaven.

I took it up Langsford to 291, got some gas, went down 291 to 50 East, got on the highway, got off at 7, went towards Blue Springs on the twisty-turney roads, did a u-turn once I got to Blue Springs, and took the back roads to my garage. On the highway, it really didn't want to go past 75mph, so I didn't "push" it. It did fantastic on the turns (like it's glued to the road). Bill thinks that with the right "tuning" we should be able to get 100mph out of it with no problem (especially in the warn weather). Not that I would ever go 100mph, since that far exceeds the legal speed limit...

Friday, February 6th, 2004


Thanks to Bill and Ken for the help in getting it going. While Bill was here he:

  1. checked the ignition coil to make sure we had a spark (we did)
  2. removed distributor cap and cleaned inside, and lightly sanded connectors
  3. took off filter and added gas to carburetor

Not shown

  1. went out and got as much premium gas as I could hold in my portable tanks
  2. hooked the 912 up to my ML 320 Benz to give it more juice
  3. tried, and tried, and tried until it worked

After we had it going, Bill adjusted the idle a bit, and tightened up an exhaust leak. It's currently idling at around 2000 rpm, so we need to have that looked at. Bill made some other recommendations which I need to have him document since I was so excited to get it fired up, they didn't stick.

Wednesday, February 4th, 2004

Now, I could be wrong, but I don't think this is "stock."

I opened to hood the re-check the connection to the battery and noticed something behind the old carpet (cattycornered to the battery): a newer amp. When I take the car to have the "custome" stero job done, I'll talk to those guyes and see if it's worth keeping.

Car still won't start...Bill (Webticity.com) is coing over Friday to help.

Monday, February 2nd, 2004

(a couple items found in the glove box late Monday night)

So after charging the now "old" battery for 8 hours, with not a flutter of the needle, I figured the battery was dead. I read about the Optima Battery on the 912 Registry Portal, and figured I'd check it out. They are a bit expensive, but I have a 3 year replacement warrantee on it, so why not. I went to Advanced Auto Parts to have them check my old battery: dead. They had one red Optima Battery left, so I got it.

While I was out, I also got a couple sets of keys made at The Lock Doctor, in Lee's Summit (on 291). I asked them about getting a new key made for the glove box (since none of mine seem to work). That should cost me about $30 or so. Rick (owner) also said that my original keys are not aluminum, and the reason they are snapping could be due to the grease in the linkage of the door locks (especially with the cold weather here, making it very difficult to lock and unlock). He suggested I use Tri-Flow (after I take the door panel off) to loosen up the locks when it gets a little warmer.

I have the new battery installed, and I still can't turn the car over. Going to have to try something else...

Sunday, February 1st, 2004

I went and bought a digital battery tester and battery charger. I'm charging the battery now, so hopefully by 3:30pm I’ll hear the hum of my new baby.

I also tried 3 local places that make new keys for my 912, since while in TX, Darren went to open the door and one of the keys snapped off (not in the lock, so that’s at least a plus). Then, while I was in parked hell, I attempted to unlock the door in anticipation of the tow truck and I almost snapped ANOTHER key in the door. Turns out the original keys were made of Aluminum, which isn't so strong, so I have to go tomorrow to a local locksmith and see if they can make me a solid set.


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