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1966 Porsche 912 | Books - Maintenance, Restoration, Repair, Documentation, Books, and a lot of Pictures - Not to mention a lot of ramblings
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Before I was able to afford my new toy, I dreamed about it in books. I kept a couple of them at work with me, so when I wasn't designing websites, I was surfing the net looking for any information I could find. When I wanted to torture myself, I'd buy a repair manual, or history of the 911/912 and sit back and dream.

Here are a couple books in my Porsche library:


Porsche 911 The Definitive History 1963 to 1971PORSCHE 912 1965-69
Owners Workshop Manual
Autobooks Ltd.

Great book with breakdowns on service, body repair, and electrical diagrams. Easy to read text, illustrated examples, and a great appendix. The book I own has a plastic cover, so I used to keep this out in the garage for quick reference. Any questions I had, this book usually could answer. I've never seen it online or in stores, so good luck trying to track it down.


Porsche 911 The Definitive History 1963 to 1971PORSCHE 911
The Definitive History 1963 to 1971
Veloche Publishing

This was a fathers day present from my wife. I started in on it and kind of pushed the other gifts to the side. I didn't have this one, and she was excited that she'd "done good." It has fantastic images, great detail information, and is laid out very nicely. A great find. Only thing is, and I'm sure you can guess, there is only a section on the 912, but honey, if you are reading this, THAT DOESN'T MATTER, IT'S A GREAT SECTION!


Haynes Restoration Manual Porsche 911Haynes Restoration Manual
Porsche 911
Haynes Publishing

This book came with the purchase of the 912 (as did a couple others). It's very much geared towards the mechanics of the 911, and mentions the 912 a little, but it's great for the sections dealing with bodywork and electrical. Good Book.


The 911 & 912 Porsche | A Restorer's Guide to AuthenticityThe 911 & 912 Porsche
A Restorer's Guide to Authenticity

Beeman Jorgensen Publishing

This was, in fact, my very first Porsche book. After learning about the 912 (after a botched Volve 1800s purchase that just about crushed me) I wanted to get a full understanding of what I might be getting myself into. This is the book I had on my desk when people would come by "oh, I didn't know you had a Porsche?" I'd say "I don't yet, learning what I can."

It's a great book with a lot of information. A lot of exploded views and detail images. The biggest problem with it is color. It aint got any, so there are details that get lost. But all in all a favorite of mine, especially as a reference for trying to get my vehicle back up to stock.


Porsche 912 Handbook | Orange BookPorsche 912 Handbook
Lash International Publishing

This is my shop book. Since my 912 didn't come with an original owners manual, or any manual for that matter, I use the one in the book for what I can (little small, but readable). Also, this book has just about any question answered in it. It may have some loose ends, but it a hellof a good place to start no matter what job you might be thinking about. It's the most stained, so it's the most used. I keep it right next to me while I'm under poking around.

Mel Kay
284 Pages


Secrets of the Inner Circle | Harry PellowSecrets of the Inner Circle
Version 2.0

I don't need to say a thing about this book, because if you are at ALL interested in 912s, or Air Cooled engines in the least, you should already have this book, or have been told you have to have this book. I was lucky enough with the purchase of my 912 to get a full set of the VHS tapes. I'm man enough to admit that Secrets is a little dry and above my head in some areas, mostly due to the lack of imagery (I need pictiures or actual mechanics in front of me to get it). NEVER THE LESS, I own two copies, have started to read it 3 times, and have gotten through 2 of the 6 VHS tapes. I'm on my way Mr. Pellow.


Porsche 911/912 | A Source BookPorsche 911/912
A Source Book 1963-1973

Bookman Publishing

This book has some good information, but I already have the same info from the books above, and again all the images here are Black & White. Also, a lot of the reporduction images are in real shit shape. The rez is all jacked up, and the quality just isn't there. Now, in my opinion, any 912 book is a GOOD 912 book, but if you have the ones above, and are looking for new material, it's just not here. A good reference, but not a book I'll be taking off the shelf anytime soon.

One thing I will say about it is it has a great amount of ads throughout the years. They're cool, and have given me ideas for future photo shoots with mine.


Porsche Service - Repair HandbookPorsche Service - Repair Handbook
911 and 912 series - 1965-1972

Clymer Publishing

This would be my other workshop manual. I bought this used off eBay a couple of months ago. The imagery is pristine, and the detail outstanding. I would recomend this book for basic care and maintance, as well as engine breakdown. Lots of information, lots of step by step process.

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