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These links are nothing new to the majority of people who either owns a 912, or who has researched Porsche's in general. I've found these links all over the web, phone book, and word of mouth. Towards the bottom, I'll break out a list of local resources to those who live in Kansas City (or in the area).

NEW Automotive-Links
If you have hours to kill and like to check out other car sites (Porsche 912s, of course) this is the place to go.

NEW dC Automotive
Talk about a huge inventory. The online catalog is very helpful. They're located in NC. I might have to make a roadtrip with a UHAUL to bring back a load of parts.

Professionally Engineered Products
They do seat belts for a great price. I've been looking for rear seat belts for the 912 and they sell sets that include the hardware. I plan on purchasing mine from them soon.

Company in Europe that has a great selection of Nardi Steering Wheels. Not as bad a cost as eBay has been, but then again, I have yet to contact them about shipping costs, so we'll see.

Dave's Porsche 912
This is the site that got me totally nuts over the 912. Dave has technical articles, events, images, Q&As, basically the best Porsche 912 site I've seen online. Go, read, learn.

912 Bulletin Board
I recently found this board for 912 enthusists, and within 1 hour, I already had a question answered and ideas for future projects. Great board (especially since 912 Registry did away woth thiers).
Porsche Club of America. Not much more I can say, except that I am a member.

912 Registry
A fantastic site specific to the Porsche 912. Links, projects, Q&A, discussion boards, global resources...if you can't find it there, you&'re not looking hard enough.

Performance Products
Online dealer of parts for Porsche. Prices are a little higher, and shipping is very expensive compared to other companies. I've used them, and will in the future for specific things.

Pelican Parts
Online dealer of parts for Porsche, chat rooms, communities, tech forums, great place to learn about all the is Porsche.

Online dealer of parts for Porsche, who also has a real nice catalog. They are the only place I've found that sells certain 912 items, and the shipping isn't bad.

Clark's 911/912 Porsche Project
An online restoration guide. There are a couple good sites out there with technical and visual information. This is one of them.

Renegade Hybrids
A shop in Vegas who specializes in Chevy small block V8 (and V6) engine conversions in Porsches. A bit sick, but what an idea.

Stoddard Porsche Audi
A site that I've read about on other links pages, but have yet to deal with them. One area of interest is the "Vintage and Late-Model Porsche Parts" section of the site.

KC Trends
High-end audio team that quoted me a price for a custom setup in my 912. Just a bit expensive, but the work they do is outstanding (from what I know).

German Automotive Specialties
Saint Louis, MO
I found them on the 912 Registry portal for parts. After talking to Dennis, they have a lot of stuff I could use. And, push come to shove, they're only 4 hours away.


Online Journal Images Cost List Project List Links Books Education Miscellaneous
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