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Saturday, March 12th, 2005

So I realize it's not an engine re-build, or the ability to recline a drivers seat (which, in itself isn't that important...or is it?), but having my radio fitted with it's original beezle is pretty cool for this anal owner.

Carsinc of NJ hooked me up with all that is listed here. He had almost my entire want list, but of course money is an issue at the present moment, so I could only get the things that had been driving me CRAZY (but, if he had had more than just 1 Hella Fog Light, I'd be the proud owner of a set).


The other annoyance top on my list: I hit the breaks, the bak seats flop down. At some point in the cars life, for reasons unknown (of course), a PO must have removed the straps, but left the snap in back to click them to? I don't know. All I do know is when I took her out today doing turns as 50mph not a seat flopped down.


Lastly today I removed the warped rear seat bottoms with all the horse hair falling out of them and replaced them with a solid set. When Dan (of Carsinc of NJ) found them for me while I listened to him banter on in his warehouse the first thing he asked was:

"anyone going to be actually sitting on these? They're pretty hard."

Actually, they are rather comfortable, except for the fact that I'm 6'2, and had to lean in so as to not hit my head in back. Anyway, when I get the seatbelts installed the whole family can travel.


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