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Saturday, February 19th, 2005

3 months. It's been 3 months since i've done anything but drive my baby. And this winter was suppose to be when I dropped the engine, powder coated all the sheet metal, got a new muffler...the list goes on. But, I did accomplish a task that has been sitting in the corner of my garage for the past 4 months.

With the kids sick, and us looking to sell our Benz, talk has started about possibly selling the 912 and getting a 1989-1991 911 C2 or C4, or keeping the 912 and getting the 911 and getting a divorce. Not sure if either will happen, but with the kids sick today, I thought I'd get the reclining drivers seat issue fixed today.

I purchased an older seat off eBay almost 4 months ago with the hardware in good condition and in working order. My drivers seat was welded at some point by a PO. Must have broken, and instead of fixing it, they welded it. For a guy just over 6 feet, the position they locked it into is just a little snug.


Here is the unboxed seat. Not in great condition, but the chrome isn't pitted too badly, and it works like a charm, so all I need to do is clean all the crap out of the nooks and make sure I don't strip and screws.


This is the scarriest site to date on my baby. It is such a PAIN in the ass to get the seat back on, and I usually pull a sholder muscle in the process, but I can't access one of the main screws without removing the seat.

And yes, it's dirty as hell. I need to vacume it desperatly.

Here is my seat, with the weld.

Here is the new seat with plastic covering the non welded area. In the process of removal the plastic just disolved in my hand. Eh, I like the exposed metal better.

And this is pre-cleaning for all those out there wondering.


And here is the new hardware installed. A lot straighter than before. Also a lot cleaner. In all the times I've removed the seats, not once did I ever have the spring area clean. Looks great.


When previously driving my 912, one would have the feeling that they were kind of sliding to the right, into the passengers seat. I figured it was due in part to the weld, but perhaps the seat itself. As you can see from the picture, this is my old set, and both parts are suppose to touch the ground. Upon further inspection, the main brace bar was all jacked up and bent. This would explain the slight "slide" if you will.

The things you learn when you replace parts.


So, the sickies come out to see dad leaning back in the car so they want to have a sit on dad. This wouldn't have been possible AT ALL prior to the new recline. Always a joy to have my real babies in the Porsche.

And, to no ones surprise, the seat feels amazing. Being straight, and able to adjust the correct lean is just out of this world. Going to be a whole new driving experience when the rain stops and I can get her back out.


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